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S & S Rock Crushing, Inc. - Crushed concrete | Fill dirt | Sublette, KS
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Your material needs met, no matter the job.

When you call S & S Rock Crushing, you'll get a prompt response to your request for a quote, a timeline for project completion, and work done with integrity. With a service radius of almost 100 miles, S & S Rock Crushing will come to your location with a delivery of top soil or fill dirt, or break up and remove the concrete you no longer need. Call today to get a FREE estimate for your project or delivery.

What makes S & S Rock Crushing different

If you have questions regarding products or services, don't hesitate to call S & S Rock Crushing for an estimate. With delivery and pick up services available, it's easy to get the materials you need when you

need them.

Call S & S Rock Crushing for a


on your crushed concrete, fill dirt or topsoil.


Located in Sublette, Kansas, we can travel wherever the crushing job takes us.

We have crushed concrete for any of your needs at our home site.

  • Crushed Concrete

  • Top Soil

  • Fill Dirt

  • On-site commercial concrete crushing

  • On-site residential crushing

  • Demolition

  • Small company with personal service

  • Attention to detail

  • Competitive pricing

  • Punctual to appointments and projects

  • Honest estimates

"Our farm depends on

S and S for our crushed concrete needs.  We use the product for center pivot irrigation tracks.  The product works fantastic for keeping our pivots moving throwing tough mud. Cesar always delivers to our site quickly and for a price that we can afford.  The product has always been consistent and we never find metal in it."


- Jason Vaughan

Farmer, Haskell County